To begin with, lets consider the criteria for this genre: Small volume and specific topic Personality approach to disclosure, subjectivity Free composition: impressions, memories, associations Free use of the lexical composition of the language Atmosphere of trust, conversation "I am in the world" and "peace in me" on The volume of the essay and topics The volume of essays for scientific materials is in the range of 2-3 thousand characters. As a rule, this is for students and professionals. More rarely occurs. In the genre of journalism can only be even less.

Flutter: Push, Pop, Push Android-Intent

Building UI in Flutter is pretty simple with all the widgets that the framework provides. But we can’t just have a beautiful application that does nothing functional. We will be required to move around the application or send data back and forth between screens. In Flutter, navigation from one screen to another is possible because … Read moreFlutter: Push, Pop, Push Android-Intent

Flutter Animation tutorial: Animated Containers

I always wanted to work with neat or crazy animations. I have worked with Android for a couple of years and I was starting to lose my love for animations, because trying to develop them in Android was a huge investment of my time. I am going to cover everything about animation in Flutter from … Read moreFlutter Animation tutorial: Animated Containers

Curve Bottom Navigation view on flutter

A Flutter package for easy implementation of curved navigation bar. Add dependency Easy to use Attributes  items: List of WidgetsinitialIndex: Initial index of Curvecolor: Color of NavigationBar, default Colors.whitebuttonBackgroundColor: background color of floating button, default same as color attributebackgroundColor: Color of NavigationBar’s background, default Colors.blueAccentonTap: Function handling taps on itemscurve: Curves interpolating button change … Read moreCurve Bottom Navigation view on flutter

It is easier to us SlidingUpPanel on Flutter

A draggable Flutter widget that makes implementing a SlidingUpPanel much easier! Installing Add the following to your pubspec.yaml file: Simple Usage There are two ways which the SlidingUpPanel can easily be added to your project. Using the SlidingUpPanel as the root widget for the body (recommended). Nesting the SlidingUpPanel SlidingUpPanel as the Root (recommended) This method is recommended as it allows for the … Read moreIt is easier to us SlidingUpPanel on Flutter

A Flutter library to use OneSignal, a free push notification service for mobile apps.

OneSignal is a free push notification service for mobile apps. This SDK makes it easy to integrate your Flutter iOS and/or Android apps with OneSignal. Installation See the Setup Guide for setup instructions. Change Log See this repository’s release tags for a complete change log of every released version. Support Please visit this repository’s Github issue tracker for feature requests and bug … Read moreA Flutter library to use OneSignal, a free push notification service for mobile apps.

How to start Flutter? Learn flutter? setup and installation guide!

You can build apps with Flutter using any text editor combined with our command-line tools. However, we recommend using one of our editor plugins for an even better experience. These plugins provide you with code completion, syntax highlighting, widget editing assists, run & debug support, and more. Follow the steps below to add an editor … Read moreHow to start Flutter? Learn flutter? setup and installation guide!

The ancestor of international recognition of eSports is considered South Korea. It was there that the first World Cyber Games tournament was held on He also organized the Olympic Games and every year brings together the best computer athletes. Also important are the competitions Electronic Sports League and Cyberathlete Professional League, which are regularly held in different countries. At major tournaments, winners can earn several hundred thousand dollars. Sometimes even without a prize fund. They are considered semi-professional and have the form of ladders (ratings) or online cups. The most common shooter (shooter) is the Counter Strike project from Valve. For a long time she has managed to attract the attention of players and viewers due to the excellent graphics and well thought-out physics of movements. All new and new versions make the game more perfect, and the last Counter Strike: Global Offensive has become the undisputed leader in one of the most popular genres of computer games.